DeWalt 40pc Impact Torsion Set & Screw Lock

DeWalt 40pc Impact Torsion Set & Screw Lock

Brand:  Dewalt


• CNC precisely machined bit with a torsion zone to absorb peaks in torque
• Allows optimum bit flex for maximum life in Impact/High Torque applications
• Longer life, faster, more accurate screw driving thanks to a specially designed bit tip which optimises the fit into the fastener. Eliminates wobble and stripped screws
• Preferred by professional users for maximum hold, tight access and no run out
• Bit tip holder innovation combines the 10 times magnetic screw lock system with easy to use, versatile products
• Aluminium Screw Lock Sleeve for use with 50mm+ torsion bits, an 85mm bit tip holder with removable sleeve for use with 25mm bits, and a compact rapid load for use with 25mm+ bits
• Excellent hold, reach, stability and accessibility in all screw driving applications even the most awkward to reach 
• No run out 
• Excellent access in tight, difficult to reach applications 
• Premium quality materials and optimised bit design for optimum flex, strength and extreme durability
• Set contains:
- Screwdriving bits:
- 25mm: PZ1x2, PZ2x8, PZ3x3, PH1x2, PH2x4, PH3x2, T20, T25, T20H security, SL4-6.
- 50mm: PZ1, PZ2x5, PH1, PH2x3
- T20: 85mm: PZ2, PH2
- Magnetic Bit Tip Holder. ALU
- Magnetic Screw Lock