Makita DC 18 RC Fast Charger

Makita DC 18 RC Fast Charger

Brand:  Makita

The Makita DC18RC 7.2-18V Li-ion Charger has a built-in cooling fan system that blows cool air into the battery, keeping the battery cool during the charging process. This helps to extend the overall battery life and accelerate the charging process. With 3 active charging colours to help identify when the battery is charged, and to what level.

When it is used in conjunction with the charging adaptor ADP0, this charger offers also the possibility of charging NiMH slide on batteries of 9.6-24V batteries. Or when used with charging adaptor ADP04, this charger offers the possibility to charge NiCad and NiMH rod and block batteries of 7.2-18V batteries.

The DC18RC is compatible with the following battery models: BL1830, BL1430, BL3626, BL3622, BL1415, BL1013, and BL0710.