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Griffon Blue Gel Pot 800 G

Griffon Blue Gel Pot 800 G

Model:  GRIBGP
Brand:  Griffon

Griffon Blue Gel 


  • Acid-free
  • Thixotropic
  • Soluble in water

Suitable for:

For assembling pipes, sleeves and fittings with rubber sleeve (sliding socket) connections in pressurised and drain systems. Suitable for all diameters. Also easy to apply on wet surfaces. Suitable for PVC, PVC-O, PE, PP, GRP, concrete and coated cast iron.

No Suitable for:

Not suitable for ABS.

Before Use: Working conditions - Do not apply at temperatures = -5°C.

Coverage: Indication of the number of joints per 1 L:

Directions for use

  • 1. Saw off pipes squarely, chamfer and deburr.

  • 2. Remove dirt and moisture.

  • 3. Apply slipping agent to pipe end and rubber sleeve.

  • 4. Join parts immediately by sliding the tube into the sliding socket until the stopper. Properly close the container immediately after use.

After Use: Stains/residue - Remove residues with water.