Ever build clear fix

Ever build clear fix

Model:  Clearfix
Brand:  accessories

Everbuild Clear Fix is a totally new, completely clear adhesive that is set to make a clear difference to the market!

Clear Fix is a clear hybrid polymer grab adhesive that has the ability to bond just about everything in both interior and exterior applications. With added UV stabilisers to ensure the product doesn’t yellow over time, Clear Fix is the ideal choice for applications where you may see the colour of the product. Clear Fix is a versatile product which can be used in almost every application imaginable – even when immersed under water! Even more, Clear Fix comes in a completely CLEAR cartridge to illustrate the quality of the product and look great on the shelf.

Quick curing, resistant to temperature extremes, over paintable and totally water and weather proof, Clear Fix is clearly the best choice adhesive on the market!

Clear Fix is C3 in size and is available in a smart printed box.

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