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Cros Arc Mma 200 amp dc inverter (200 s) complete with leads

Cros Arc Mma 200 amp dc inverter (200 s) complete with leads

Model:  CROARCMMA200240V
Brand:  Cros-arc

The CROS-ARC brand offers an excellent range of machines designed and produced to the highest international standards. All CROS-ARC machines incorporate the very latest in technology and control systems resulting in an exceptional range of welding and cutting power sources with premium performance and control as standard.

CROS-ARC ... The future is here!


The CROS-ARC MMA200S is a 230V D.C Inverter based power source incorporating full electronic amperage control and digital amp meter. The CROS-ARC MMA200S is the perfect solution for applications where a high welding output and portability are required. These include site work, maintenance and general fabrication installations.

Input Requirements = 230v T25 fuse (if max output is required)
Output = 30 - 200amps
Duty Cycle = 60% @ 190amps @ 40C
Electrode Capacity = 1.6mm - 4.0mm
Protection Class = IP21
Length = 38cm
Width = 17.5cm
Height = 30.5cm (inc Handle)
Weight = 10Kg