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5L Pressure Sprayer

5L Pressure Sprayer

Model:  sajprespr5
Brand:  Spear and Jackson

5L Pressure Sprayer


The Spear and Jackson 5LPAP 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer is an easy, cost-effective way to spray water, insecticides, pesticides or water soluble fertilisers over your plants.
The large 5 Litre capacity means it can be used over a large garden bed without the need to stop to refill. It has a wide neck for easy filling & a comfortable pump handle.
The pump reaches operating pressure after just a few strokes of the handle. The spray nozzle can be adjusted from Jet to Cone to Mist, suitable for a wide range of applications.

On/Off flow control trigger
Adjustable spray nozzle from jet to cone and mist
Wide neck for easy filling
Comfortable pump handle for easy pressurisation
Pressure relief valve
Translucent bottle
Complete with carrying strap

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